Oktoberfest 2021

Who's ready for a cold bear?
Keep Oktoberfest 2021 Plastic Free
Make sure you skip the single-use and step up you sustainability game this year!

Since 1810, people have been celebrating Oktoberfest which is AMAZING! But truly, they have been drinking from the wrong cup for over 200 years.  Make 2021 the year you find the right cup.  The one that keeps your hands dry.  The one that keeps your beer cold.  The one that makes you look like a true Bavarian Badass!  Pirani is here is the best way to start your drinking fest.

Know I know what you are thinking... "Pirani Tumblers are not the original cups. Oktoberfest has traditions".  If we kept that train of thought, we we'd still be pulling carts behind a horse.  Now get of your high horse and get a Pirani Tumbler and enjoy a Hefeweizen the best way you can!