How much liquid does the pirani party tumbler hold?

The Pirani Party Tumbler can hold 16 oz, 475 mL of your preference. That is an equivalent to 2 cups, a bottle of water or a pint of goodness.

How long will drinks stay cold?

Keeps drinks ice cold up to 12 hours!

Does it come with the lid?

Yes, a lid is included!

Can I get a Customized Option?

Of course! Click here.

Are they BPA and Phthalate Free?

YES! We use safe, certified food grade BPA and phthalate free materials.

Are they Dishwasher Safe?

Although the Pirani Party Tumbler is extremely durable, you should NOT put it through the dishwasher or soak in hot water as this could potentially discolor the powder coating.

Can I put my Pirani Party Tumbler in the Freezer?

The double wall vacuum insulation will protect the liquid inside of your Pirani Party Tumbler and will not freeze. If you are looking for a colder drink, put some ice cubes inside and notice they will still be there at the end of the party!

What is the RECOMMENDED way to clean them?

A bottle brush is the recommended way, but a soft side of the sponge and a rag can be just as good.

Do you have plans for more colors or designs?

We've got lots of goodies in the works. If you sign up for our newsletter, you'll be the first to hear about it!

What does Pirani Mean?

Marcello Pirani was a German physicist that invented a vacuum gauge, which is one of the main tools used during manufacturing of the Pirani Party Tumbler.

Can I use it for COffee or Tea?

YES! The Pirani Party Tumbler will keep your drinks hot up to 6 hours. Be careful and wait until drinks cool to a drinkable temperature.