How can we keep our ocean clean?

Pirani Life's Mission

Pirani's mission is to empower everyday heroes in safeguarding our planet through raising eco-awareness and creating high quality sustainable solutions to single-use products.

Did you know?

9 Million Tons of plastic

waste end up in the ocean each year

Single Use plastics take up to

450 years to decompose

Around the world, nearly

1,000,000 PLASTIC BEVERAGE BOTTLES are sold every minute

91% of plastic

isn't recycled

By 2050, it is estimated that there will be

more plastic in the ocean than fish

An average college kid will go to 1-2 parties a week and can go through 2-3 cups a party. That's an upwards of

624 cups/ year per person

Reduce, Reuse.

Say no to single use plastic and help reduce the 500 billion single-use plastic cups used around the world each year!

Our party cups are built to last a lifetime. By choosing Pirani Party Tumbler, you can help reduce thousands of single-use plastic cups from ending up in our oceans and landfills.

Take the pledge to #PartySustainably
Here are some tips on how to prevent these statistics above

• BYO reusable cups, utensils, grocery bags, produce bags, to-go containers and straws and try to refuse if you are not carrying them on you.

• Buy in bulk at the grocery store and choose unpackaged produce.

• Shop less and choose quality over quantity.

• Learn what you can & can’t recycle in your town. For example, Fort Lauderdale (our hometown) does not recycle glass, plastic bags must be taken to store locations and greasy pizza boxes cannot be recycled.