Limited Lifetime Warranty

Being a new company, we are personally inspecting each Pirani Party Tumbler before they go into the world to #partysustainably.  We stand behind our product 100% and aim to create the highest quality products.  Our goal is to help reduce the single-use party footprint.  We certainly don’t want to add additional products into the world that don’t have the highest functionality and durability to last a lifetime.

Should anything not be accounted for during our inspections and you feel your product has a manufacturer defect, we will be happy to replace it for you.  Please contact us at  support@pirani.life or review our return policy here and we will have your back.

Regular wear and tear to your Pirani Party Tumbler, like dropping it from the roof of your car while moving (which we have done, and to our surprise, not much damage), or a moving train (done that too) are not covered under the limited lifetime warranty.  Remember, scars are nothing more than bad ass stories to share!