April Fools Day 2022

April Fools’ is the time of year when we dust off our whoopee cushions and spring-loaded (toy) cockroaches for our beloved victims. But the joke is on us (humanity) if we continue to rely on single-use plastics in the long-term. No, we can’t have that, can we? Pollution is certainly no laughing matter, that’s why Pirani Life came up with the last party cup you’ll ever need - no kidding!

And why is it the last cup you’ll ever need?, you might ask, well, there’s much to go about it. It comes with a dizzying (and still expanding) array of fantastic designs. Pirani cups do a great job keeping your drinks warm or cold throughout all seasons (no disposable cup would ever do that). They come with powdered coat finishing grips so you will never drop them if someone “prank-shocks” you in the alleyway. 

We at Pirani love to have fun, but there’s always a way to do it responsibly while benefiting the environment. There will be loads of fake advertisements and news during the occassion but we promise you Pirani cups are the real deal. So go ahead, enjoy a cup while you fill that doughnut with mayo. 

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