Surfrider WaveMaker Award!

Surfrider WaveMaker Award!

Pirani Life has been selected as a recipient of the Surfrider Foundation WaveMaker awards!!! 🤯

We are proud of many accomplishments since we first began our mission in 2018 promoting a more sustainable world. But perhaps one of the proudest achievements has got to be that moment when we became members of Surfrider Foundation - Broward Chapter! The mere thought of our membership invokes pure joy and a deep sense of honor.

Surfrider Broward - Hands Across the SandHand Across the Sand Broward 2019 -  Photo via Pirani Life

In case you’re new to the cause, Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network.  Surfrider members gather to raise public awareness of conservation practices while rallying decision-makers to make the best call for a sustainable future.

Our Journey with Surfrider Foundation

We began our journey with the Surfrider Foundation in 2018 and they have been our favorite non-profit ever since! Brandegee and Danielle (Pirani Founders) joined their local Surfrider chapter in Fort Lauderdale, the birthplace of the Pirani Party Tumbler. Living one block from the beach at the time always reminded them of the oceans indescribable beauty (and their duties in safeguarding it).

Local Beach CleanupLauderdale by the Sea Cleanup with Surfrider Broward Chair 

Our local Surfrider chapter held biweekly meetings at a welcoming local brewery called LauderAle. We’d like to take the opportunity to send a shoutout to the folks at LauderAle for their outstanding support in eco-sustainability and in hosting our gatherings. You guys rock!

At LauderAle, we bonded with fellow Surfrider volunteers over tasty brews and hearty conversations. Every victory and action item provided participants with the chance to voice their concerns and opinions on ways to protect our oceans and beaches. The vibrant Surfrider community spoke on single-use plastics, offshore drilling, and ordinances that could save our natural world.  They took the time to mentor their volunteers on how to take action and do more than just share a post online.

Surfrider MeetupSurfrider Broward Holiday Party at LauderAle 
Surfrider MeetupChapter Meetings

In 2018/ 2019 Brandegee and Danielle joined their local chapter at town halls resulting in some significant positive policy changes (i.e., banning plastic straws, offshore drilling ordinances, etc.). And we felt empowered to do it with the Surfrider crew!

Lauderdale By The Sea Town HallLauderdale by the Sea Town Hall
Deerfield Beach TownhallDeerfield Beach Town Hall
City of Fort Lauderdale Town HallCity of Fort Lauderdale Town Hall 

We also had a ton of fun volunteering with our local Chapter.

Surfrider Broward Cleanups

The Surfrider community members have been nothing but kind, supportive, and understanding of the Pirani vision and mission. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic chapter meetings and events have been put on hold and we also moved to the mountains!  But we recommend all to find a chapter near you, join Surfrider, make new friends and save our oceans! 

New Normal, New Beginnings

2020 had been a hectic year filled with unexpected turmoil for the world (an understatement if there was one). While our time volunteering with Surfrider was no longer available, we maintained the camaraderie in our thoughts and spirits - and yes, we still had an internet! At around the same time, Pirani shifted its base of operations to Asheville, and it seemed like we would drift apart from the Surfrider Broward family. But then, the unexpected happened (typical of 2020) - we received a special letter that truly warmed our hearts.

And this brings us to the massive news that we’d like to share with you! Pirani is proud to announce that we have been selected as a recipient for the Surfrider Wavemaker Award, a rare recognition bestowed to a few select community members!

 Surfrider WaveMaker


We are grateful to them for making 2020 a little brighter and for helping us know that our mission is in motion! We are deeply honored and humbled by this WaveMaker award from a non-profit that we look up to as Guardians of the Ocean and promise to hold up our mission for a sustainable world, no matter what the future brings! Thank you for believing in us and for the priceless wisdom and guidance you’ve provided us over the years.

We will continue to #PartyResponsibly with the BYOC (bring your own cup) movement and hope to start or get involved with an Asheville Surfrider Chapter down the road! (yes, we’re in a mountainous region, but hey, all streams lead to the sea!). Do check out how you can contribute to your local Surfrider community today , or check out our ContributeSustainably page and together, we can defend our gorgeous planet for countless generations. 2021, here we come!

Surfrider Wavemaker

Join the Movement!

At Pirani Life, we #PartySustainably. We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to reduce waste while guiding others through sustainable practices. Check out our reusable tumblers on a mission to protect our planet!

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