Starbucks Shifting from Paper to Reusable Cups

Customers at Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada will be able to provide a reusable cup for their drink by the end of next year, the company announced Tuesday.

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In case you missed it, something huge is brewing with one of the most popular coffee houses in the world. Yup, we are talking about Seattle-based Starbucks, the beloved brand with the famous double-tailed mermaid - a welcome (and at times necessary) sight for countless mornings, you know it!

 Starbucks recently announced that it intends to switch out its iconic single-use cups for a reusable alternative. How cool is that? We know we’re excited to see how it plays out!


A Tradition of Reusables

Now, the interesting thing is that this isn’t the first time that Starbucks has tinkered with a green idea. In 1985, the company offered a 10 cent reusable cup discount. Then in 2013, Starbucks offered $1 reusable cups in the US and Canada. And let’s not forget the awesome circular cup program last year that recycled over 450,000 cups across 30 countries.

Back to the Question 

So, how does this new initiative differ from the rest? At present, we think it’s going to be a massive catalyst in Pirani’s mission of creating a sustainable world free from single-use plastics.

Here’s what Chief Sustainability Officer at Starbucks, Michael Kobori, had to say about the major move, “This is Starbucks’ icon all around the world, and if we can replace this disposable cup, this symbol of waste, with this reusable, we completely change people’s mindset. And at Starbucks, we can really set an example and change the whole industry.”

“Change the whole industry” “replace disposable cup” are terms that won our attention, and it seems like we are gearing toward a highly desirable outcome.


So…What’s Next? 

We continue doing what we do best. Let’s #partysustainably, #caffienatesustainably, #adventuresustainably and know that it’s all falling into place perfectly like pieces in a jigsaw. There might be challenges and many questions along the way. Like, what’s going to happen to these reusable cups in the long term? Will washing stations lead to other issues like water wastage? 


Fancy a Pirani with your Vanilla Chai Latte?

With all things considered, this could be the cultural movement we need to turn around wasteful practices for good! You can trust Pirani for your go-to cup no matter the season. Rain, shine, snow, or in the midst of a major branding move, our insulated tumblers are ready to serve your perk-me-ups without guilt (maybe except those calories).

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