Pirani Holiday Gift Guide - Useful gifts that make convenience less wasteful!

This holiday season, we want to give you the opportunity to feel good about what you’re giving. There’s more than one reason to give the gift of Pirani, and we’ve got picks for everyone on your list!  Check out our gift guide and reap the benefits of giving the raddest and most useful gift of the year!

Pirani Insulated Tumblers

1. For The Friend With All The Pirani's

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we have seen some incredibly kind reviews and tags on the socials that you, or your friends might have a Pirani collection going on in your cabinet!   We have some useful accessories to go along with your insulated stackable tumblers that would show your friends and family that you pay attention to what they love!

NEW 26oz Pirani: In case this has not been added to your loved ones Pirani collection yet, they will thank you for the extra 10oz.!  (especially since it can hold a full bottle of wine)!

Bottle of Wine Cup

Bamboo Lid Rack: This bamboo lid rack is a great "Home Edit" hack to keep your cabinets organized and was designed with sustainable convenience in mind.  (Yes, convenience can be sustainable!)

Lid Rack

The Adventure Handle:  Everyone’s favorite Pirani accessory!  This easy to carry adventure handle will be your Pirani's new best friend.  You can be hands free and wear it as a bracelet while you walk your dog, break it down on a dancefloor, clip it to your backpack for a hike, or hang off the handle bar of your bike!

Adventure Handle

Wooden Stickers:  Know someone with a sticker addiction, or need a stocking stuffer?  Get them a unique sticker made from real wood!

Pirani Gift Card:
We have an exciting new collection launching in January and your friend/family might just need it in their life!  Grab a gift card so they can thank you in advance!

2. For The Spouse (or loved one) That Stole Your Pirani

We heard the stories. You purchased or were gifted a Pirani. Your spouse asked, why do you need another cup? Then they tried it once and you never saw it again!

The OG Pirani Tumbler (16 oz.):  Party sustainably everywhere you go with this lightweight, pint-sized, stackable tumbler. Our Skinny-Wall Triple Insulation™ keeps your drinks hot up to 6 hours and cold for 12+ hours while you help eliminate the 500 billion single-use cups wasted around the world annually.  Bring this easy-to-carry, stainless steel tumbler to your favorite game, coffee shop, concert, or wherever you choose to adventure!  In the middle of summer or dead winter, your drinks are guaranteed perfect.

Pirani 16oz Tumbler

Customized Pirani Tumbler

Our personalized tumblers are perfect for anyone on your list!  Add a special touch with our custom engraving options, and make it a gift they'll never forget and will use every day!  You might even consider upgrading your own tumbler with your name so that no one will ever want to steal it from you again!

Custom Tumblers

3. The Environmental Advocate

This person has memberships at their local parks, purchases eco-friendly products, carries a reusable cup bottle and/or shopping bag at all times, and donates to causes when they can.  Here are some gift ideas to both support a cause in honor of this person, and give a gift at the same time!

Contribute Sustainably

We believe in giving back at Pirani and are excited to partner with non-profit organizations that support our mission to help prevent waste and promote thriving oceans. When you shop our Contribute Sustainably Collection, 100% of the profit gets donated directly to the non-profit you select!

Contribute Sustainably

This Planet Needs you to Give A Sh*t.

Step up your reusable tumbler game with this limited edition statement piece from One Ocean One Love Shop!

 Eco Friendly Tumbler

4. Treat Yo Self!

You’re a giver, and we know that the holidays are all about giving to your loved ones, but we also know that it’s hard to resist a little something for yourself. So go ahead—grab a Pirani tumbler and some of these handy accessories and treat yo'self!


 Treat Yo' Self

All of your Pirani gifts will help make a difference!

1% of ALL Pirani SALES are donated back to our non-profit partners that protect our planet through 1% For Planet!

One Percent For The Planet

When you get the best gift of the year award!

The Office

Pirani Life is dedicated to reducing, reusing, and reimagining how we can live more sustainably. Help us take better care of our beaches, lakes, and more, by shopping with us today. We offer a variety of options, whether you’re an individual who wants a single tumbler , a large business trying to reduce your footprint the right way, or wanting a family collection with our tumbler bundlesShop Pirani Life tumblers here or feel free to contact us directly with any questions.
Happy Holidays!

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