Celebrate Sustainably This Valentine's Day

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day… 

While we are all about spreading the love, we also want to spread awareness about the effects that Valentine’s Day can have on our lovely Mother Earth. Chocolates wrapped in plastic, imported flowers, greeting cards, and decorations filled with glitter and balloons really add up- have you thought about those consequences for the planet?

We love showing that you care for someone, but why not try this Valentine’s Day to be more sustainable! Here are some eco-friendly ideas to help you celebrate this year with love. 

Eat Local

If you are deciding to pick up (or go out!) this Valentine’s Day, try to support local or farm-to-table restaurants! By supporting local businesses and farmers, you are keeping the environmental impact light and supporting small businesses. If your dates style is more of the stay in and cook vibe, stock up the weekend before on local and organic produce from a nearby farmers market. Talk about a romantic date night!

If you have a sweet tooth and don’t want to skimp on desserts, check out a local bakery. The past couple years have been hard on small businesses, support local and avoid those chain grocery stores.

Plus, everyone knows that love = cupcakes 🧁


Fair Trade Chocolate

Don’t grab the last-minute box of chocolates from the closet convenience store, plan ahead and buy some decadent and delicious local, fair trade chocolates. When you buy fair trade you support fair wages and safe working conditions for farmers and everyone involved in the manufacturing process. Check out Theo Chocolate for delicious chocolate sets. 


Gift Plants

While bouquets of flowers are lovely to receive, it’s sad to see them die and have to throw them out! Also, all the plastic wrap and carbon emissions are just contributing to an environmentally disastrous industry. Try gifting a houseplant or succulent instead. They last so much longer than flowers, makes any room bright and cozy, plus they are a natural air filtration system for homes.


Ethical Is In

Okay look, it's 2022. That means we think before we buy. Taking the time to research brands and products is the start of living a sustainable life. Speaking of ethical and sustainable brands, have you thought about gifting Pirani this Valentine’s Day? Not to toot our own horn but, we are keeping sustainability moving forward and always pledge to design products that will help reduce single-use plastic. We have plastic-free packaging and are a 1% For the Planet Member. Feel good when you shop Pirani and other eco-friendly brands.



Check out our Plastic Free Explore Bundle (above) for your Valentine or the Pirani Wedding Tumbler (below) for any newly engaged or married couples!

When you gift Pirani, you are doing good for your loved ones and Mama N- talk about spreading the love! 🌎❤️

See, it is really easy (& fun!) to gift and celebrate eco-friendly this Valentine’s Day! What are some of the ways you are going to try to make Valentine’s Day sustainable and spread your love for the planet?

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