How to #LOVESustainably this Valentine's Day

Have Yourself A Sustainable Valentine's Day - #LOVESustainably

Valentine's day approaches once again, and we at Pirani are always seeking sustainable ways to celebrate the special occasion of love. We tend to look beyond the regular gifts like roses and chocolates (not that there's anything wrong, of course, as long as it's sustainable!) - but surely there are more creative ways to show how much you care, right?

Remember, Valentine's day is more than just renewing romantic vows; it isn’t your anniversary (unless it happens to fall on your actual anniversary). It’s a time to celebrate love as a whole - love for your parents, children, neighbors, and yes, for the environment! On that last point, we’d like to recommend some non-conventional ways to honor V-day with the ones who matter the most.

Focus on Experiences

There’s a saying from Ralph Waldo Emerson that goes, “it’s not the length of life, but the depth of life that matters.” It makes sense if you think about it. We may give and receive the prettiest and priciest material things, but it’s life experiences that weigh the most when all is said and done.

Adventure Sustainably - Old San JuanAdventure Sustainably

It isn’t a shocker that Emerson made such a timeless and factual observation - being one of the fathers of transcendentalism - a school of literature that emphasizes the awe and allure of nature. But that’s enough philosophy for today. Let’s all take a page from Emerson’s book this Valentine’s by investing our time in experiences rather than material things.

Our new "norm" has drawn people closer, with priority placed on family and loved ones. It’s an excellent time to reflect on slowing down the pace of life and re-communing with nature. Take a scenic stroll by the river, have a picnic at the park, or enjoy a kombucha party for two in your backyard. 

Our founders Brandegee and Danielle usually go on some outdoor adventures that include good vino and a night kayak to a restaurant (talk about sustainable transportation)!  Not sure where there adventures will lead in the mountains this year?!

Valentine's AdventureValentine's Adventure

For a more memorable V-day experience, why not volunteer together for an incredible nonprofit like the Surfrider Foundation and do your part for the oceans and beaches that we hold dear? Remember, Mama N has an enormous heart, and there’s always room for you!

Go with Reusables

Beach LitterPost Valentine's Day Beach Litter

Single-use plastic is terrible for the environment, and it’s a lingering issue. For the sake of visualization, consider a typical Valentine's Day date...

You stroll into a fancy cafe, and you’re using single-use plastic straws to sip your iced latte. Next, you send or receive a bouquet wrapped in single-use plastic. Then, you realize you can’t finish your food, and you decide to take away the leftovers for a romantic Netflix supper - with a single-use plastic bag!

Here’s an alternative scenario...

You enter the same said cafe, use one of those reusable metal or bamboo straws for your beverage (or no straw at all!). If you’re buying flowers, suggest using old newspapers as a wrapper (your partner would understand your green ways, and they’re going to end up in a vase anyway). If you’re getting takeaway, use containers for food and Pirani’s iconic Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler for drinks!

It might not seem like much, but if every couple did their part this Valentine's Day and Celebrate #LoveSustainably, we can do wonders to conserve our beautiful sea life and oceans. Happy V-day, and let the good times roll!

Join the Movement!

At Pirani Life, we #PartySustainably. We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to reduce waste while guiding others through sustainable practices. Check out our reusable tumblers on a mission to protect our planet!

This article was written by our story guru - Laurenzo Overee!

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