Happy 50th Anniversary to Earth Day!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Earth Day!

The 22nd of April is a date to remember. 50 years ago, over 20 million American citizens took their environmental complaints to the streets. These brave souls protested against the abuse and ignorance that was harming the Earth. The US government was forced to pause in its tracks to take notice. Little did the organizers expect the chain of events that was to follow. New laws were about to be enacted and industrial practices changed forever. It was to be the beginning of a proud tradition.

Positive changes from the first Earth Day include:

-The Banning of DDT

-Toxic Substance Control Act

-Passing of Marine Mammal Protection Act

-The setting up of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the list goes on.

Alas, that was 1970. This year at #EarthRise2020, initiated by Earthday.org, we’re delivering the fight for sustainability through a revolutionary concept. Its success depends on everyday citizens like you and me. We’re the ones who are going to protect the health of our world through the tiniest actions in our daily lives.

The Beauty of Citizen Science

Yes, Earth Day is seeking a new approach to environmental sustainability. Rather than thrusting the issue into the hands of scientists, environmentalists, or corporations, each citizen is urged to take action. This involves answering six pressing questions as part of EarthChallenge2020:

1) What is the extent of plastic pollution?

2) How does air quality vary locally?

3) How are insect populations changing?

4) What’s in my drinking water?

5) Is my food supply sustainable?

6) What are the local impacts of climate change?

Through tackling these 6 key issues, ordinary citizens can become champions of change. For example, you might choose to review the ingredients in your meal. Is your diet plant or meat-based? How are the ingredients prepared and packaged? Is the process sustainable?

By answering these questions, you’ll shed light on the food sustainability issue. Citizens are encouraged to upload their findings on the official Earth Day mobile app, to share the knowledge with people from around the globe.

And that is the simplicity and beauty of citizen science - ordinary folks making major contributions to the planet through the art of observation and cooperation.

Pirani Life’s Earth Day Message

Pirani Life is all about sustainable living - we’re here to help inform consumers on how they can protect the Earth through reusables. We meant it when we said that our tumbler is the last party cup you’ll ever need.

According to Earth Day Network president Kathleen Rogers, the plastic and food sustainability issues seem to be of top priority. The Earth Day Network is taking additional measures as a result. They’ve come up with the Great Global Cleanup initiative that will see 100 million citizens of the world clearing litter from natural landscapes.

There are many ways you can make a real difference on Earth Day. In fact, we believe that you shouldn’t wait till the Earth day to try these out. These are initiatives that you can observe every single day on Earth.

1. Join the BYOC (Bring your own cup) movement!

Our reusable tumblers are ergonomic and available in a range of fancy designs that would out-style single-use plastic cups any day on Earth.

2. Be mindful of energy consumption.

This means turning off your lights when a room isn’t in use or switching to energy-saving lightbulbs that will reduce electricity fees.

3. Repair > replace.

Work those creative juices! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that will help you restore the seemingly unsalvageable.

4. Choose reusable cloths over paper towels.

Paper towels aren’t as recyclable as they look! A reusable cloth is cheaper and less taxing on our beloved planet.

5. Repurpose containers or any other disposable item.

Transform an old bottle into a vase, bread tags could help sort your jungle of wires, the possibilities are endless.

6. Shop for eco-friendly brands.

How is the environment affected by your purchase? Check out a brand’s corporate responsibility and manufacturing standards before committing to a sale. Be a #ConsciousConsumer.

7. BYOB (Bring your own bags) -

Similar to BYOC, why choose single-use plastics when you can have customized reusable bags that reflect your awesome personality?

8. Explore the outdoors.

Snorkel, trek, climb a mountain. Soak in the atmosphere and realize the importance of preserving the sublime beauty of nature. Give yourself a solid reason to #ProtectWhatYouLove.

9. Support or volunteer for an environmental club.

We’re strong believers in this, hence our partnership programs. We encourage like-minded people should unite resources and efforts to bring great positive change to the Earth.
SHOP #ContributeSustainably

10. Choose a more plant-based diet.

It is amazing to know that we can protect Earth by simply improving our sustainability score. We’re not talking about reusing, reducing or refusing (although those are awesome and necessary too). It all starts with a basic human need - a prerequisite for survival. It all begins with what you choose to eat.

Mother Nature wants to be Healed

Everywhere you look you are destined to hear about COVID-19 right now. We don’t want to discuss it much, but this year, our planet (not the citizens) will be the healthiest its been in decades! Check out the silver-lining in our hometown - South Florida – reported by our local eco-warrior hero, Louis Aguirre with WPLG Local 10 News Miami.

Closed beaches due to coronavirus has South Florida’s oceans looking clear and beautiful.

This year’s Earth Day is going to be huge. With the recent pandemic, the human race’s solidarity is geared to be stronger than ever. But perhaps most importantly, we’d love for each citizen to make sustainable living a part of their every day on Earth.

At Pirani Life, we #PartySustainably. We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to reduce waste while guiding others through sustainable practices. Check out our reusable tumblers on a mission to protect our planet!

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