A Guide To Ring in the Holidays Sustainably


With the excitement of the holiday season, it can be hard to prioritize sustainability as you’re shopping, wrapping, and decorating. But we don’t expect you to be perfect–you’re a #PiraniHero as long as you try your best!  

Here are some tips and FREE holiday gift tag cut outs to help you #PartySustainably all season long!


Free Holiday Gift Tags

Tis the season of giving!  Check out these beautiful designs created by our wonderful Pirani Artist Julia!  Click on the link below for a free downloadable version:

Gift Tags


And now, a holiday guide to staying eco-friendly through the holidays:

Eco-friendly Décor tips for the holiday season:


1.  DIY or thrift your seasonal décor. 

There are some great tutorials out there in which you can make your own holiday décor from dried flowers, etc.!  And since vintage is totally in, thrifting is your second best option.

2.  Be sure to use LED or solar powered Christmas lights

Not only are these options more energy-conscious, but you’ll save a ton on your electric bill, too. If you choose to go solar, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up in all those pesky extension cords either!

3.  Local or artificial tree

When you buy a tree from a big retailer, those trees are often shipped in from miles away, which puts additional carbon dioxide into the air. To avoid this, stay close to home by getting your tree from a local business. If live trees aren’t your thing, you can also opt for an artificial tree you can use over and over again.

2. Eco-friendly Gifting Tips for the holiday season:

1.  Make a curated playlist.

What better way to show your appreciation for someone than to give them a handpicked playlist full of tunes to shake their groove thang (or maybe something to wind down to) ?!

2.  Shop small and sustainable.

When you shop from small businesses like Pirani Life, you can feel good knowing you’re supporting a business that truly aligns with your values.

3.  Make homemade gifts.

Feeling crafty? Have a special artistic talent? Use your skills to make a homemade gift. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to come from the heart. 

4.  Plant from a local nursery.

Plants are fantastic eco-friendly gifts and with so many to choose from, you can easily find one that matches the skill level of the person you’re gifting it to (you don’t want to give someone a plant that’s super hard to take care of unless they’ve got a green thumb).  

5.  Buy second-hand.

There’s no shame in buying second-hand. Thrift stores are full of fun and unique items you might not find anywhere else. 

3.  Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Tips for the Holiday Season: 

1.  Upcycle old and unwanted fabrics. 

 You can give a 2-in-1 gift by wrapping it up in a scarf or tea towel.

2.  Use a newspaper or cool poster.

Store-bought wrapping paper might be pretty, but it’s often full of microplastics. Stay eco-friendly by using recyclable materials you already have on hand.

3.  Reuse last years gift bags, boxes and paper.

As fun as tearing open gifts might be, start opening them more carefully so you can reuse the wrappings. Whether it’s a gift bag, box, or wrapping paper, be sure to stash it away for later. (Danielle's Grandma was a master at this one!)

4.  Give in a reusable tote bag which can also be an additional gift!

Another double gift idea! Plus, reusable tote bags are great for replacing plastic grocery bags.


 There are so many ways to have a sustainable holiday, so have fun and pick what works best for you! If you’re looking for sustainable gifts and want to support a small business, check out our reusable tumblers and tote bags. And don’t forget to grab your FREE printable holiday gift tags.




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