Five Ways to Party Sustainably With Pirani Life Reusable Tumblers

#PartySustainably is what makes Pirani Life, Pirani. We want the party to carry on without the waste we’ve seen in order to take better care of our beaches, forests, and the planet as a whole. You may see #PartySustainably and wonder where to even begin. Honestly, it’s anything that involves living the good life and taking better care of the environment to help the lives of others and for generations to come. To Party Sustainably means thinking about what you can do better to live your best life without relying on single-use plastics or overlooking picking up after yourself during a good time.

Here are five ways you can #PartySustainably next time you’re out on the beach having a drink with your friends.

Clean Up Your Party Fouls

We get it. Sometimes we’re caught up in the moment, having a good time, and you figure you’ll just grab it later. Unfortunately, a lot of the time people don’t hold themselves accountable and trash is left on the beach for the next person to deal with. Even worse, it can blow into the bushes or oceans. At a minimum, this isn’t very aesthetic for our beautiful beaches. At worst, it can cause issues for the surrounding habitat, posing a risk to animals and other humans. Maybe it’s not the first thing on your mind after a night out, but do your best to prioritize. Taking care of your litter now can help the earth later. Letting it build up over time is when it becomes more difficult to manage.

Go for Eco-Friendly Can Holders

With sustainability movements on the rise, we see less of the plastic six-pack rings we’re all accustomed to. Rather than opt for your choice of beer that uses these plastic rings, consider eco-friendly, reusable can holders. More and more liquor stores offer this type of topper or you can utilize your own. If it’s available, maybe do a single mix-and-match pack so you not only have a variety of drinks but avoid single-use plastics, too.

If you must absolutely use a plastic ring because that’s what’s available to you, be sure to cut each ring so no animals find it wrapped around their necks and dispose of it properly rather than letting it blow away on the beach.


Less Is More

Don’t feel like you have to bring case after case of drinks with you for a party. When you default to this option, think of all the cans that could consequently end up on the beach later. Consider alternatives like everyone brings their own drink which they’re responsible for. Maybe bring pitchers and your own reusable tumbler cups to use. Heck, buy a keg if you have to so it’s one thing to dispose of instead of twelve, twenty-four, or more cans. You can get creative with what you bring with you to the beach so you still have your favorite drinks without all the potential for waste.


Clean While You Party

Why not bring a couple of reusable bags with you to place your recycling in during the party, picnic, or what have you? Rather than discard your cans in the sand and tell yourself you’ll grab them later, throw it away while you’re thinking of it and save yourself the trouble of having to clean up later. If you have it set up ahead of time, you won’t have to worry about it later or won’t leave it for someone else to clean up later.

Buy a Pirani Life Party Pack!

This is what we’re made for! #PartySustainably with Pirani Life. You can bring your own reusable tumbler so you know you’re taken care of on the cup front or buy Pirani party tumblers in bulk to share with all your friends. We offer party packs of four, eight, and 12 16-oz. sustainable party cups. These are just some of the few small ways we can begin to reimagine enjoying ourselves and taking care of the environment.

Pirani Life is dedicated to reducing, reusing, and reimagining how we can live more sustainably. Help us take better care of our beaches, lakes, and more, by shopping with us today. We offer a variety of options, whether you’re an individual who wants a single tumbler or a large business trying to reduce your footprint the right way. Shop Pirani Life party tumblers here or feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

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