5 Reasons To Take Your Pirani Insulated Tumbler To Your All-Inclusive Spring Break Vacation

Top 5 reasons to take a Pirani tumbler on your Spring break

Spring break vacay is on the horizon and we’re excited to join you! Pirani tumblers are not only lightweight and stackable (making them SO easy to pack into your luggage), they have a ton of unique and plastic-waste-reducing features that are sure to keep your Spring Break party going from dusk til dawn, and then some! Use these helpful tips and ideas to get the most out of your Pirani while on vacay:

1. Waste Less and Help Reduce Single-Use

From the airplane to your getaway destination… carrying an insulated, reusable tumbler is one of the best ways to reduce your plastic waste contribution while on vacation. Some resorts serve poolside drinks in a glass, but many are using single-use cups that contribute to the 9 million tons of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans each year (A.K.A. The oceans and beaches that you are going to visit and enjoy for vacation).

Plus, if you are nervous about germs, or plastic leaching into the water you drink, carrying your own reusable tumbler is one of the best things you can do to stay calm and happy! 

Refills everywhere all day!

Solo cups are not recyclable


2. Keep Your Drinks COLD While You Work On Your Tan

You go on vacation to drink Piña Coladas, not Piña Colada syrup! Frozen daiquiris and Piña Coladas melt fast in traditional cups, especially when you’re soaking in the golden rays and having a good time outside. Your favorite frozen drinks will stay COLD and refreshing in your Pirani tumbler with every drink because of our unique Skinny-Wall Triple Insulation™ technology.

Plus, your bartenders can rinse your tumbler out to swap and hydrate with ice cold water in between drinks, keeping your ice chilly and cold for up to 12 hours straight! Whether you’re working on your tan at the beach or by the pool, or on a hike through the trees, your drink will stay COLD as long as you need it to!

Pirani tumbler by the pool


3. Take Your Favorite Bar Or Restaurant Drinks To-Go

We’ve all been on vacation, sipping on a delicious beverage, and wanted to take it to-go. That’s where Pirani tumblers come in handy! Just pack a tumbler + lid and ask the staff to use your trusty Pirani tumbler for your last drink, put the lid on tight, and boom! You’re on your way to continuing the party beyond the bar or restaurant. Take your favorite beverages with you without worry!

Pirani tumbler in beach bar


4. Floating Tumblers, And The Perfect Adventure Partner

With Pirani, your vacay drinks are always nearby and never on the sidelines. Your Pirani tumblers will float around the pool with you and remain leak-proof. We’re not kidding! Your Pirani tumblers FLOAT in the pool without sinking or tipping! Just remember to keep the lid on when not in use and your new Pirani pool companion can stay nearby. 

Doing paddleboard yoga or an open water excursion? Tip over your kayak? Have no fear, your Pirani tumblers are near! You can still count on the ocean, river, or lake water to keep your Pirani afloat (this has actually happened to one of our customers in Cabo)!  Just make sure that leak-proof lid is pressed down tight when not in use and you’re good as gold! 

5. No Glass On The Beach? No Problem!

Partying doesn’t need to be wasteful! Bring your Pirani tumbler to any location, from the beach to the pool to the hot tub. You can continue to get your party on safely and spill free without the worry of packing glass or plastic. Just pour your favorite drink ahead of time, throw some ice in there, slap the leak-proof lid on and go! Don’t worry about the ice melting because our Skinny-Wall Triple Insulation™ will keep your beverages cold for up to 12 hours!

Pirani Tumbler on the beach

Why are Pirani Tumblers the best tumbler to bring to your all inclusive vacation?

Easy packing, easy stacking, easy travel! Our lightweight, stackable tumblers travel easily and safely  in your luggage. You can bring a 16oz and a 26oz for your trip, along with a few lids and you’re all set! Partying for spring break has never been THIS convenient. 

Top 5 reasons to take a Pirani tumbler on your Spring break
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