4 Planet Wins This Earth Month


Happy Earth month, go-getters and nature lovers! We wanted to show some extra love this Earth Month by celebrating some Planet Wins!

In a nutshell, Planet Wins visits some of the latest green movements geared to protect and safeguard the natural world. We hope these inspirational victories will unite communities toward doing what's best for the environment and its people. 

We thought, what better time to introduce the series to our wonderful Pirani's (that's you!) than Earth month? So without further ado, here are some of the recent highlights in the ongoing movement for a more sustainable planet.

Planet Win #1: Nations Commit to End Plastic Pollution  


You probably know about Pirani's stance against disposable plastic and them being a #partyfoul. So it brings us immense pleasure to share that the UN Environmental Assembly recently gathered international leaders and representatives in Nairobi with plans to form an internationally binding agreement by 2024, addressing the entire lifecycle of plastic and resolving the pollution problem.

 This is huge.

The historic resolution could be a sign of great things to come for the circular economy, and we can't wait to see how nations will unite resources and efforts toward a common cause.


Planet Win #2: Pepsi Joins Landmark Plastic-free Movement

The City of Miami Beach signed an amazing 10-year, 100% plastic-free contract with beverage giant Pepsi.

With the agreement in place, consumers on the island can continue enjoying the popular soda without guilt. Picture the amount of single-use plastics removed from the landscape within a decade. It smells like a planet win to us! 

Planet Win #3: Plastics Off the Reel

Environmental non-profit Habits of Waste's (H.o.W) "Lights, Camera, Plastic?" campaign continues to gain media attention and support from entertainment industry members. The initiative aims to eliminate the use of single-use plastic on TV and film, which might subconsciously normalize its use in the audience's minds.

As Oscar Wilde once said, "life imitates art far more than art imitates life."


Planet Win #4: Starbucks Shifting from Paper to Reusable Cups

 In case you missed it, something huge is brewing with one of the most popular coffee houses in the world. Yup, we are talking about Seattle-based Starbucks, the beloved brand with the famous double-tailed mermaid - a welcome (and at times necessary) sight for countless mornings, you know it!

Starbucks recently announced that it intends to switch out its iconic single-use cups for a reusable alternative. How cool is that? We know we’re excited to see how it plays out!

Read more about this at our latest blog post here!

And there you have it, a hat trick of wins to open the series, so let's collectively raise our Pirani tumblers of (insert beverage) to celebrate how beautiful people continue to kick single-use plastics to the curb. We look forward to sharing more triumphs in the upcoming week so stay tuned and  #partysustainably!

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