12 Days of Sustainable Christmas


Pirani's 12 Days of Sustainable Christmas

Hey Piranis, we know it's hard to stay sustainably perfect and a #piranihero all year long. Trust us, and we totally get that! Well, we’re not here to guilt-trip or shame you for your single-use slip-ups or non-eco-friendly ways, no sirree!

Instead, we’re here to share a friendly reminder on some cool tips and tricks to #livesustainably as we advance toward a new year. Remember, every small act makes a huge difference! We pondered and discussed (while sipping hot cocoa from Pirani tumblers) and decided that we'd like to be your secret Santa for the 12 days of Christmas this year!

In true holiday fashion, we’ll count down the advent days with a succession of inspirational eco-friendly practices. One thing for sure is that you can rest assured that we won't be deploying French hens to your house as Andy did to Erin in the Office. With that out of the way, let the festivities begin!

12 Days of Sustainable Christmas

Day 1 - Choose Your Xmas Tree

Ah, the Xmas tree, the symbol of yuletide celebrations. It’s the landmark that says, “Hey, let’s promote the spirit of caring and sharing!” And since we’re in an amicable mood, why not go ahead and support the environment by shopping locally for FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) trees? These healthy trees were specially grown to enhance the Xmas magic, so you can go ahead and pop on those ornaments with peace of mind! Otherwise, you might consider reusing your artificial trees - note that you’ll need to use it for a decade before it’s as sustainable as an organic FSC alternative!

 Christmas Trees

Day 2 - Contactless Greetings!

“Contactless” has become a buzzword thanks to the new normal. Yes, we’re living in some strange times - but it’ll get better real soon, we know it! While we adore the sentiment of classic Christmas cards in pretty envelopes, e-card alternatives could do wonders for the environment while keeping crowds safe! Consider sending an email, text message, or e-card and sprinkle them with dynamic videos, images, and lots of love!

Day 3 - Community Involvement!

Giving is a gift on its own. The holiday season is a great time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the year to discover beautiful ways of giving back to society and Mama N. There are many green nonprofit initiatives always seeking enthusiastic volunteers - who knows? You might become the next rockstar do-gooder!

Day 4 - Protect the Stars!

Electric consumption remains a top problem in developed countries. For real, electric grids pollute the sky and drown out the breathtaking stars that humans have admired for centuries! No fret, you can help keep the stars (not just the one on your pine) twinkling this holiday season by transitioning to LED alternatives and switching off lights that aren’t in use.

Day 5 - Food for Thought

Food waste is a persistent problem (30-40 % of total US food supply, yikes!), especially during festive seasons when impulse shopping becomes a trend. Let’s play our part to reduce the toll on our landfills by only purchasing food that we need and checking to see if leftovers may be frozen and savored later (bless you, casseroles!).

Day 6 - Commune with Nature

Sometimes we forget the great and awe-inspiring prowess of nature. What should we do when that happens? Why, catch up with Mama N, of course! #AdventureSustainably by kayaking down the nearest (unfrozen) river, trekking through the snowy forests, or visiting the local beach and basking in all of the wondrous atmospheres. It’s a healthy way to get reminded why our Earth is worth the trouble and to spread the message of sustainability to loved ones.

Day 7 - Donate to a Worthy Cause

Have you ever held one of those pretty angelic ornaments in your hand and wished you could become messengers of good too? The excellent news is that you don’t need feathery wings to deliver positive vibes around the world. Simply browse online, choose an organization with values and missions that you believe in, and make a heartfelt contribution. It’s that easy!


Day 8 - That’s a Wrap!

A gift is incomplete without a decorative wrapper that conceals the mystery within. Peeling the wrapper off layer by layer has become somewhat of a holiday tradition. Unfortunately, wrapping materials aren’t all made the same, and some are particularly harmful to the environment.

Consider reusable wrapping paper, boxes, and ribbons for your next wave of presents. And while you’re at that, try avoiding glossy or plastic variants that aren’t recyclable. Who knows, you might influence recipients to do the same next year. If you’re fresh out of ideas, we’ve rounded up a list of holiday recycling do’s and don’ts to keep you inspired!

Day 9 - Power Down

It’s getting harder to disengage from our electronics - especially since the world becomes increasingly remote-based. Tons of e-waste have resulted from society’s need to keep up with the tech race. Perhaps this Xmas is the perfect time to check that we’re recycling the e-devices we don’t need and steering them away from the flooded landfills!  Check out organizations like Asheville GreenWorks who have dedicated Hard 2 Recycle Events to help eliminate E-waste and other Hard 2 Recycle materials!


Day 10 - Reusable Shopping Bags

Why not complete your Christmas shopping extravaganza with customized reusable bags (ideally made from eco-friendly bamboo and other washable materials)? You could even add personalized patterns, prints, hues, and monograms to your bags to bring greater meaning to your shopping experience.

It’s clear (pun intended); un-recyclable single-use plastic bags never could represent your fabulous personality. And let’s not forget the terrible toll it takes on beautiful sea life, with poor creatures trapped or choking on microplastics infesting the oceans and seas. Let’s put a stop to that vicious cycle! #ConvenienceKills !

Day 11 - Inspire Sustainability with Meaningful Gifts

It’s never easy to convince others to join a cause. Rather than talking their ears off (which almost never works), why not inspire a sustainability movement via thoughtful gifts?

You could improve interest by offering an eco-friendly version of a gift that a person is already likely to adore (i.e., sustainable fishing gear, organic makeup brands, reusable party cups). Alternatively, you might consider participating in purposeful give-back programs like Pirani’s #ContributeSustainably efforts.


Day 12 - BYOC

We’ll top our list off with THE precious initiative that embodies the Pirani vision - BYOC (bring your own cup)! The Pirani Tumbler is truly the last party cup you’ll ever need - insulated, stackable, and made to retain the freshness of your tasty festive cocktails (here’s an awesome Pirani holiday recipe especially for you)

The legendary Tolstoy once said, “One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”So imagine just how phenomenal it would be to rekindle our love for the environment during the happiest month of the year! Let’s all stay safe and #PartySustainably. Happy holidays!

Join the Movement!

At Pirani Life, we #PartySustainably. We’re constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to reduce waste while guiding others through sustainable practices. Check out our reusable tumblers on a mission to protect our planet!

This article was written by our story guru - Laurenzo Overee!

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