10 R’s That Should Come Before Recycling

The New "Rs" of Sustainability

Why Choosing REUSABLES and REDUCING Single-Use and Consumption Should be the Consumer's Choice

As we enter "America Recycles Day" on November 15, that "recycling" buzzword will be at the front of minds and on the tips of tongues in every corner of the country. It's only natural; after all, our culture gets trained on the importance of recycling through school, media, culture, government, and dozens of other outlets over decades. However, is it the best choice out there?

Spoiler alert: the facts and the figures point to no.

In fact, there are better alternatives out there to recycling out there. Recycling should be the last resort of waste - and there are several other "R" words that should come before recycling to help ensure a greener earth. Let's start with this statistic, which illustrates the perception vs. reality when it comes to recycling. As of 2015, approximately 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic had been produced, of which 6.3 billion tons became plastic waste. What would you guess gets recycled?

If you said only 9%, you'd be right. That's right. It's only 9% of all plastic waste ever generated that’s been recycled. What does that tell us? Well, it means that recycling does help, but the real key to helping build a greener earth is the reduction of waste, not the recycling of it.

Intrigued? Let's dive into the issue here.

Pirani Life Recycling

As we learned in our visits and tours recently, there are 10 Rs that people should think about BEFORE recycling. They are:

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