9 Eco-Friendly Office Tips

9 green tips to bring to work

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 Office Sustainability Ideas

Every day we wake up and get ready for work. While in our domain, we make the decisions we think are best, but upon arrival to the workplace, some of those choices are turned down by the big cheeses! At my old job, we (the employees) had to bring our own 5-gallon water containers swapping turns to refill so we had clean drinking water and minimal waste. Some opted to bring in single-use water bottles instead. I learned our 5-gallon swap created awareness with our colleagues that they could 1. Save $$ by joining our program and 2. Save the planet! Sharing knowledge and taking action can help people make choices that benefit our planet.

So being a small fish in a big sea, you might ask… “What can I do?”

There are many actions employees can take. Some of them are super simple like my example above, while others require time and effort. Some people look to start a corporate coup, or maybe start with a sustainability council. Below is a list I put together of environmentally friendly actions that can be taken in the workplace and the impact they can have on both small and large companies. – Brandegee Pierce – Founder/ Design guru

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