How Take Away Containers Changed the World

Styrofoam food containers are still used in Japan, but it is very strict in recycling. garbage collection regulations in Japan are very strict, and there are many types of garbage collection. Once you go to the Japanese supermarket to buy things, you have to use a lot of these boxes. “I usually have such Styrofoam boxes in take-out. The white foam containers are sorted and sent to the recycling center close to home.” said a student.
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Nowadays, Shopping bags and eco-bags are also popular in Japan, but most supermarkets are not required to carry them. But for example, if I bring a green shopping bag to buy something, he will charge 2 yen or 5 yen less. According to the rules of each supermarket, It will give you a little lower price, and encourage the guests to use their shopping bag as much as possible.
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In Australia, there are almost no Styrofoam food containers and no white pollution. Everyone likes to eat French fries and fried fish, so when buying these food, some Western fast food packages use paper bags, many Asian foods, like Chinese fried rice, fried noodles, whether with soup or without also use paper containers.
In the United States, foam food containers are occasionally used, but the usage rate is very low. To prevent white pollution, American supermarket shopping bags are unique. Most American restaurants pack materials that are degradable materials or cartons, or tin foil, aluminum foil metal boxes, and basically have thick white plastic boxes.
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However, American supermarkets are divided into several grades. In some supermarkets like Walmart can still see a small amount of disposable tableware made of Styrofoam, but they account for a very small proportion of the shelves, and their usage rate in various restaurants is also very low.
All in all, the ban on Styrofoam containers has not yet been fully implemented, and Styrofoam recycling is still our responsibility.