Blaze On Upcycled Beer Candle

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Blaze on Creations Upcycled Beer Candles!


Bhramari-Lorelai scent:
"Phive Phitty Phive"  
Sandalwood + Cedar + Sage + Mint + Basil
Uplifting, Herbal Refreshing ~ A Nook in the garden.

Archetype - Nameless Light scent:
"Float Upon The Waves" 
Sea Salt + Jasmine
Sophisticated, Intriguing, Clean - Breath Deep n Relax

Atomic - Pageantry scent:
Lavender + Cedar
Floral, Woodsy, Elegant - shh your mind

Bhramari - The Good Fight scent:
"You Sexy Thing"
Blackberry + Anise + Amber
Sexy, Fruity, Musky - Bedroom Can-dle

Archetype - Talking to Plants scent:
Sandalwood + Lavendar + Cedar
Masculine, Refreshing D~Grab Your Flannel n Suspenders too.

Disolvr- The Era is Now scent:
"Island Tour" Coconut + Cedar + Benzoin
Tropical, Creamy, Warm - Dig Your Toes in the Sand.


About the Product and Maker:

To help transform our world to one where we live in harmony with the planet, Blaze On up-cycles cans into can-dles. Through the Blaze On Up-cycling Program, we repurpose aluminum cans and give can art a second life. 

Our can-dles are nontoxic, phthalate free, made with all-natural soy wax, essential oils and cotton wicks which are free of lead, zinc and metal. We make a wide range of musically inspired scents, each blend is unique, there is sure to be one for you

 You can feel at ease with the Blaze On scents burning around you, your kids and pets too!

 *Musically inspired,  phormulated and hand poured in Asheville, NC. 

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